There are several skills that one may want to work on for personal development. One of which is how to arguing without arguing.  Yes, arguing without actually arguing is a skill that you may want to consider developing.  It will definitely gain you an audience, and can also gain you friends.  Arguing without actually arguing is otherwise known as arguing constructively.  You argue but you appear to be helping the person that you are arguing with.  You persuade the person to take on your solution or on your view of things and you end up as the hero.  This is an awesome skill to master and would really help one’s personal development plans.

Another skill that a person may want to give importance to develop as part his or her personal development plan is really important not only for work but for his or her everyday life.  And that is no other than time management.  Time is very important.  Loss time can never be taken back.  Time is gold.  And for this reason it is very important that time is well spent. Try to streamline your activities.  Instead of spending the whole day on social media, why not do something productive.  What are activities that are considered productive.Activities that adds to your value are productive.  Say studying another language.  Learning how to bake a cake.  Writing articles for additional income.  Spending time with your family and thereafter building strong family relationships.  Do not ever waste time on things or people that will not add to your value or who refuses you giving value to them.  There are only a few people in this world who will be worth your time.  Choose them well.

Develop your creativity from this link.  Not all men are gifted to be creative.  When you are then do everything to improve it.  Take note of improving creativity which are useful and constructive to your personal development goals.

Practice how you talk at this website.  It is one of the skills you may want to improve on. Communication should be clear.  The key to communicating clearly and exactly, precisely of what message you want to get across is thinking first before you speak.  Some people take time to process. It would help if you think of a spiel when you are still unsure of what to say.  Do not give a definite answer when you are not definite at all of your answer.  Be confident when you communicate.  Be confident but never arrogant.  Arrogance is not intelligence.  Always put that in mind.


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